Who is this guy?

About Ben

My name is Ben Brelje (BREHL-jee) and I’m a Ph.D. student and NSF research fellow at the University of Michigan Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Lab (MDOlab). I’m currently on educational leave from Boeing where I am a configuration design engineer with Boeing Research and Technology.

In a nutshell, I create simulation and optimization tools to foster the next generation of aircraft. I consider myself a hybrid aero-software-systems engineer. My active research areas include design optimization of electric and hybrid-electric aircraft as well as high-fidelity MDO with spatial integration constraints.

From 2015 to 2017 I worked for Boeing Commercial Airplanes Product Development, running MDO trade studies on jet transport aircraft concepts. Before that, I was a full-time rotational engineer with Boeing’s Engineering Career Foundation Program, starting in 2014. I served in rotational engineering roles spanning all stages of the product life cycle (from preliminary design to post-production support) across the company’s Commercial Airplanes, Defense, and Technology business units.

I previously earned Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering at Michigan and a systems engineering certificate from MIT.

In my spare time, I love exploring the outdoors, especially travelling light and fast in the mountains. My favorite activities include trail running, hiking, ski touring, mountaineering, and cycling. In the past I have maintained the outdoor blog Elevated.

About this Site

This site will serve as a hub for sharing my research (both the exciting results and the gory details and dead ends along the way) and for helping you stay updated on the fast-moving field of electric flight.

If you are technically inclined, you can view the source code for the site at my GitHub repo below!

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