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Aerodynamics of the Winter Olympics - Part One (Speed Skating)

January 29th, 2018, by Ben Brelje

The Olympics are about both training the human body to its highest potential and harnessing creative engineering to gain a competitive edge. At the Winter Olympics in particular, technology plays a key role in athletes' competitiveness. As I have time, I hope to write a quick post on how aerospace engineering principles apply to athletic performance at Winter Olympic sports. Today's topic: speed skating.

Full disclosure: I'm an aerodynamicist and a cyclist but I can barely skate. 

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Deriving the modified Breguet range equation for a hybrid-turboelectric aircraft

September 8th, 2017, by Ben Brelje


  • Modifications to the Breguet range equation considering hybridization of energy storage are proposed
  • Payload-range charts are constructed to illustrate the impact of hybridization on airplane performance for a TBM 700-sized design using two different non-dimensionalizations
  • Simple, analytical expressions for the impact of technology and mission requirements on airplane weight are derived and explained

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Weekly Roundup: Airbus Vahana is number-crunching away

June 21st, 2017, by Ben Brelje
  • Airbus A^3's Vahana team is renting the heavy iron with Rescale Cloud HPC
  • Israeli firm EViation makes its Paris debut
  • XTI Aviation announces first three orders in Paris
  • Zunum secures another round of funding from the Washington State clean energy fund

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